Understanding Prefaces, Forewards and Introductions – The Front Matter / Back Matter

Understanding Prefaces, Forewards and Introductions

There are three different types of front matter – which essential are letters to the reader – that appear in published books. Many people sort of lump them all together without really realizing that there are differences between them. But if you are self-publishing, and you want your book to appear as professional as possible, then you should know the differences and use the correct one for your book. Let’s take a look at three front matter components that you should be aware of.


The preface is often called the author’s note. The preface is written by the author, and it usually includes information on how the book came to be including where the author got the idea for the book, how it was developed and what sort of research was required to write the book. Not every book has a preface, but some authors like to connect with their readers by including some useful information about themselves in the process of writing the story. Stephen King is one of the contemporary authors that include a preface or authors note in almost every single novel that he publishes.


A foreward is an endorsement of a book by someone other than the author. They are written by that person and may include information such as how they know the author, what sorts of things make them endorse the work you are reading, as well as the author themselves. Often, the foreward is written by an expert in the field that the book is based upon. If the book is a work of fiction, then the expert may simply be someone familiar with the subject matter, such as an art expert for a book like The Da Vinci Code. If the book is non-fiction, then it may include an expert endorsement from a professional in the field which demonstrates that the author knows what he or she is talking about.


The introduction doesn’t have much to do with the author or how the book was created. Instead, the introduction often introduces the world to the reader. The introduction is written from the perspective of the author imparting important information about that world. If it is written in narrative form, then it becomes a prologue instead, so the introduction is often the author’s tour of the world inside the book. This is often done in epic fantasy novels, particularly if the books are a series which includes a great deal of history and lots of characters. You should only include an introduction if it is important to the story or if you think that the reader will need the information before they start reading. If you simply want to tell them more about the world, but it isn’t vital that you do so, you should include it at the end instead.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to writing front matter, you can include any of these that you feel are necessary and will make the book better. You should visit Reedsy.com as well if you want to get more great advice on publishing.

How easy is it to Publish on Kindle?

How easy is it to Publish on Kindle?

Lots of people have trouble with self-publishing because they believe that it is too complicated and they will need to spend money to get someone to help them with all of the various aspects of it. The truth is, while spending some money on your self-published book makes sense when it comes to book covers and editing, formatting and publishing on Kindle is a really simple process that anyone can learn. Let’s take a look at the steps that are involved in publishing a book yourself on Amazon Kindle.

Step One: Write Your Book

Before you can do anything to do with publishing, you first have to write your book. Many people get into self-publishing and start learning about things like cover creation and formatting with Microsoft Word before they have written their first sentence. This is a really bad idea for a couple reasons. First, you will not understand formatting unless you have a completed book to work with, and you may decide that the formatting is so complex that you don’t want to write your book after all.

Step Two: Finalize Your Book

You will need to finalize your book as the next step. This means that you want to do any editing that is required and either outsource a book cover or create one yourself. You also want to make sure that your book is divided up into chapters and ready for formatting.

Step Three: Use Microsoft Word for Formatting

The best program to use to format your book for Amazon Kindle and other e-book readers is Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is useful because it allows you to set up page breaks of the you know where page ends. Plus, with Amazon Kindle specifically, there is a Microsoft Word plug-in that you can use to preview what your Kindle book will actually look like.

Step Four: Fill Out the Information

You’ll need to fill out the information on the Kindle publishing platform in order to get your book on the shelves so to speak. This information will include the title, description, keywords, author names and a whole lot more.

Step Five: Upload Your Book & Cover

The final step before publishing your book is to upload your book and the cover for it. When you get to the end of filling out the information, it will ask you to upload your PDF or Word document, and then to upload your cover as a PDF. There are guidelines included that will show you how to make sure your cover is the right size. Once you have uploaded your book, it will ask if you want to preview and you can see what your book will look like on someone’s Kindle.

Step Six: Publish Your Book

After you have done all of this, then it’s time to publish your book. You just simply click the publish button and then wait for Amazon to check your book and put it on the shelves. The process says it can take 24 to 48 hours, but unless there is a problem it usually takes closer to 6 to 12 hours.

What Harry Potter Can Teach You about Character Development

What Harry Potter Can Teach You about Character Development

Anyone who is a fan of the Harry Potter series probably looks at these books with the same sort of awe that the rest of us do when it comes to character development, because these characters are absolutely alive to us. In fact, many of us know the characters and Harry Potter better than we know some of the people in real life that we talk to every day. Why are these characters so incredible? Obviously, because J.K Rowling is an amazing writer, but there are some specific things that Harry Potter can teach you about character development.

Heroes can be flawed

the first thing that Harry Potter should have taught you is that heroes can be flawed. There is no doubt that Harry is flawed. Harry is jealous of lots of different things in his life, wishing that he had Hermione’s mind as well as Cedric Diggory’s looks. Harry is not the nicest person on the planet, but he is a hero and all of his flaws make them even more realistic for us.

We Truly Grow Through the Crucible

What Harry goes through is what we actually learned in fiction. Harry learns what he needs to know to be able to save the magical world by going through the crucible. The only way that he is able to come to terms with his own death and be able to kill himself as one of Voldemort’s horcruxes is that he understands himself fully and accepts that his death is for the greater good. Your characters need their own crucibles.

Friendship Transcends the Superficial

You should also know from the Harry Potter series that friendships transcend the superficial. Harry, Ron and Hermione should not have been friends. Ron and Hermione hated each other first, and Harry thought that Hermione was a know-it-all. But their friendship somehow transcended everything that they thought about each other. That’s the way it works in real life too.

It’s Okay for Members of the Opposite Sex to be Friends

You should also have learned from the Harry Potter series that it is okay to be “just friends” with the opposite sex (or same sex if that is what you are into). Harry and Hermione could never have dated. They thought of each other in a completely different way, and that was totally okay. Think about how your characters feel about each other and do not force them into romance they don’t want.

Even Magic Can’t Cure Human Cruelty & Evil

Finally, magic cannot cure the human condition of being evil, but that’s because being evil has its own motivations. You should be aware that evil people can sometimes believe that what they are doing is right, because that is the way that the world actually works. That means that you should not be writing your “evil” characters as cardboard cutouts that are like villains in a Power Rangers episode. They are real people who think what they are doing is right.

A Couple of Useful Sites For Finding A Cheap Book Cover Designs

Finding Cheap Book Cover Designers

Book cover designs can definitely be expensive. New York publishing houses spend hundreds of dollars on the perfect cover design and sometimes a lot more depending upon the prestige of the author. So how do you find a book cover for your self-published book that you can afford? There are a few options out there that you should be aware of before you go looking for a designer that will charge you way more than you want to spend. Here are five of the best options to choose from in order from most expensive to least expensive.


The first option that we are going to discuss is Reedsy. This is a website that allows you to pay a certain amount and get a whole bunch of designs in return. Designers create your book cover depending upon how much you pay, and the more that you pay for this design, the more offers you will get; which means more designs of course.


The second option is the Kiindle Boards, which gives you access to a lot of different book cover designers that are all competing for customers, which often means that you can get the lowest price. It is also where you can get the highest quality, so you want to compare the price that is being offered for the quality of the designs and that person portfolio. They should be able to show you some of the designs they have done in the past.

Freelance Websites

you also have the option of looking on freelance websites try to figure out if there are any book cover designers on their the will charge you a fair price the book cover design the you want. The problem is, you’re going to have to pay the designer for creating your design even if you do not like it. That’s because the nature of the payments taken by these freelance websites. They are going to make their money regardless, even if you do not get product that you have specifically ordered.


You also have Fiverr as an option. This will allow you to choose a designer the charge is very little for their work, but the quality is probably going to be pretty poor. Most of the designers on this website work on templates that they have created for other people, so even if you have a good design, the work is likely not going to be original. However, the upside is that it only cost you five dollars.

Design Your Own

Finally, you have the option of designing your own book cover. While not everyone will be able to use Photoshop to create their own book cover design, most people would be able to create something comparable with what you would find on Fiverr. Designing your own book cover gives you all of the creative freedom that you need to create something perfect for your novel or short story, and that may be worth the work involved.

The Down Low On How to Publish a Book

You will have to have your book written. So in the event the book can be found on Amazon, it will probably be found without too much trouble. A commemorative book produces a thoughtful present for a family occasion.

Make certain you’re content with the book and click Save and Publish. It simply means your book is not what the publishers are seeking at the present time, or maybe they simply fail to observe how great it is in fact. Write the book which you want to read. After editing, you’re going to have to get started laying out the book. Writing a successful book isn’t the simplest thing in the Earth, but it is totally possible.

Today you can place your book free of charge on Smashwords too, but there’s yet another caveat. It’s your book, so you’re totally free to get this done. It is possible to also test your very first book to see whether it sells. As you published your first book free of charge, any earnings from using this book can be employed to fund your subsequent book publications. The very first thing which you’ll need is a good, well-written, and intriguing book. This book is extremely readable. POD books are printed only when they’re ordered, which usually means you do not have to be concerned about where to put away your book and the number of copies to order, and you never waste any money.

The point is to understand your book as a launching pad for new small business opportunities. A lot of people have a good idea for a book, and several of these books are from their life experiences. You see, you’re sitting on the thought of writing a book for quite a long moment. Some things are great and a few things are not as fantastic. Trying to receive your book published with a conventional publisher is an incredibly stressful and downing process and is something which you’re able to avoid if you go the self-publishing route.

Edit before you buy a publisher, and edit after you’ve got one. The publisher usually has negotiated some sort of deal with the bookstore to acquire their books displayed. Actually many publishers don’t print your book if you don’t have self published anything previously. Publishing your own book for a minimal fee or no fee at all seems to be an endeavor that’s too fantastic to be true. In this new digital age, it has never been easier. If you’re considering self publishing your book, I do have some tips which might help save you a bit of time over the long term. In publishing a book, whether it’s internet book publishing or kid book publishing, or another book publishing, there are a number of points you should think about if you would like to be a published writer.

You shouldn’t need to pay a person to publish your book. Apparently writing your book isn’t that important to you, since if it were, you’d be writing. If you’ve written a whole book, you most likely have a fantastic grasp of your written language, and ought to have the ability to spot any misspellings or bad grammar. Educate yourself if you want to know how to publish a book

Never before has it been so simple to advertise a book if you’re inclined to spend the time and energy to write one. On the flip side, you might want to compose a book which you know will only be of interest to a limited amount of people. Get your work facing readers and show publishers that you may sell a couple thousand books.

If you’ve written a book and wish to prepare it for publication on Kindle, doing this can be hard and time consuming. It seemed too fantastic to be true I could publish my books and without spending a dime to have it done. When it has to do with publishing books, especially perfect bound books, self-publishing is actually the very best option, the ideal thing to do!

The book is subsequently wrapped and shipped to an assortment of bookstores where it’s displayed to the general public. If you’re able to reveal that the book sells, you’ll locate a publisher. After considering the advantages and disadvantages of this strategy, you might look at publishing an easy book with these publishers.

You want to turn into a published author and you would like to publish your own books. Authors and their books who don’t satisfy their editorial standards won’t be published. Now you might want to upgrade to paper books later, but itas an excellent concept to determine if you’re able to find some sales before going down that road.